The Sword of Light Logo

The Sword of Light Pipe Band
St. Patrick's Day 1998
5th Ave, N.Y.C.

The Sword of Light Pipe Band



"A Somber Tradition Continues"

Tom & Doc

5th Ave. 2006



John Joseph "Jack" Barry 1924-2005

Local #3 Family Picnic 2006, Ridge Park, Hartsdale, NY



Sword of Light Members Onboard the USS Cod, Based in Cleveland, OH
Doctor Faken, Curator of the USS COD, welcomes Assistant Business Manager Chris Erickson, President John Marchell, and Sword of Light President Patrick Rafferty to the USS COD



IBEW Local#3 Officers in Front of the USS Cod
"Cherish the Ladies" Who Help Make It Possible




IBEW President Hill Thanking the SOL Members in Cleveland

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