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Joe Baker: Instructor, Past Treasurer, Bagpiper, Tenor Drummer, and Field Marshal Emeritus

Milton Bianchi: Bass, Tenor Drummer and Wielder of the Sword

Paul M. Breen: Bagpipes and Scholarship Committee

Mike Byrne: Bagpipes and Flying Column

Franklin Capurso: Bagpipes and and member of the "Flying Column"

Tom Capurso: Pipe Major Emeritus

Steven Capurso: Captain of Honor Guard

Andrew Carr: Bagpiper and Committee Member

Bob Collins: Drum Major Emeritus, (Deceased)

Colm Connell: Bagpipes and Committee Member

Jim Conway: Drum Major, Past President and Past Treasurer, (Deceased)

Bill Cunningham: Pipe Major Emeritus and First Band Pipe Major

Douglas DiMeo: Snare Drummer, Bass Drummer, Committee Member

Brian Doherty: Tenor Drummer and member of the "Flying Column"

Rich Doherty: Pipe Major Emeritus and Past President

Chris Dowling: Pipe Major Emeritus, Musical Director and "Keeper of the Flame"

Christopher Erikson: Quarter Master and Bagpipes

James Finn: Snare Drummer and Committee Member

James Gallagher: Bagpipes and Committee Member

Tom Gallery: Drum Major Emeritus, Tenor Drummer and the "Bard of the Band"

John Hegarty: Bagpipes and #2 of Our "Irish Tenors" and 2005 " Gael " of the Year

Tim Howard: Bagpipes and # 3 of Our "Irish Tenors"

Bill Lent: Bagpipes and #1 of Our "Irish Tenors"

Dan Loughlin: Bagpipes and member of "Flying Column"

Pat Mangan: Bagpipes and Ticket Chairman Supreme

Dan Manning: Treasurer and Past Pipe Major

Bill Manning: Pipe Major and Past Quarter Master

Jack McDonald: Snare Drummer, Past Treasurer

Sean McDonald: Snare Drummer and Member of Flying Column

Gene McGrath: Pipe Major Emeritus, Past President and "Founder"

Kevin McGrath: Snare Drummer, Drum Major Emeritus and Past Treasurer

Mike McGuigan: Bagpipes and Committee Member

Jack McNally: Pipe Major Emeritus, Band Adjuster and Spiritual Adviser

Daniel Moriarity: Bagpiper and Committee Member

John Moquin: Pipe Major Emeritus, Past Treasurer, Past President and "Founder"

Paul Moquin: Pipe Major Emeritus, Past President, Past Treasurer

Jack Munro: Bagpipes and Supreme Ticket Chairmen

Chris O'Connor: Bagpipes and Knight of Temperance

Gary Quigley: Drum Sergeant Emeritus in Perpetuity

Pat Rafferty:Drum Major, Past President, Past Drum Seargent, Past Treasurer

Sean Rafferty: Bagpipes, Merchant Marine, New York's Finest

Denis Reilly: Bagpipes, Scholarship Committee and Spiritual Adviser

John Richardson: Bagpipes and Ticket Chairman

Dennis Scanlon: Drum Sergeant

Nick Scarmozzino: Snare Drummer and Chairman of Brotherhood Committee

Rich Shea: Tenor Drummer and Admission Committee Chairman

Colin Smith: President, Past Drum Seargent, Past Instructor

Mike Smith: Bagpipes and Election Chairman

Gary Sobeiesiak: Snare Drummer and Committee Member

Bobby Steiner: Bagpipes and Ticket Chairman Czar

Daniel Sullivan: Bagpiper and Beverage Chairman

Timothy Sullivan: Bagpiper and Committee Member

Mike Sullivan: Bagpipes, Webmaster

Carl Vanderwerff: Past Drum Sergeant and Committee member

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