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They That Join Us Here Tonight And See Old Age Will
Yearly, On The Anniversary of This Day Remember
That They Were Here. They Will Turn To Neighbor
And Friend And Tell Of The Night They Celebrated The

The Silver Anniversary Of The Sword Of Light

Old Men Forge And All Shall Be Forgotten But We
Will Remember With Advantage What Feats The Sword
Of Light Performed This Night. Their Music Shall
The Good Man Teach His Sons And This Anniversary Will
Will Ne'er Go But All Here Will Remember

These Few, These Gallant Few

This Band of Brothers


These words were taken from the 2008 performance of the Sword of Light Pipe Band's 25th Anniversary dinner dance. The "Sword of Light" has played at over 300 events in the last 3 years. In the 29 years of our existence we have made over 3000 appearances in America, Canada, and overseas. Our appearances include Conventions, Fireman's parades, Columbus Day parades, Norwegian Day parades, Purim Festivals, Philippine Independence Day parades, and St. Patrick's Day parades. The band has performed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania and California. Our performances at conventions, New York Mets baseball games, retirement parties are tributes to national and international dignitaries that reverberate with distinction and professionalism.

We have been invited to the Mayor of New York’s residence, Gracie Mansion, for two command performances and marched up the Canyon of Heroes four times to honor our troops home from Operation Desert Storm, the New York Yankees and Stanley Cup Champion’s the New York Rangers. Along with these prestigious events, we have attended and played at the weddings and funerals of some great friends and supporters. We have been asked to help celebrate a family’s joy as well as provide comfort in a family’s personal loss. We, as an organization, are fortunate to be thought of during these occasions.

The Sword of Light Pipe Band has the experience and training to mark any event and make it special. The accolades and thank you notes, we have received, bear testament to the hard work and dedication of our members. Our Band, driven by a sense of tradition and dedication, draws like-minded men together. Just as our ancestors, we use the medium of music to rally people in song and proudly parade with them down the Main Streets of America.

Historical Background
A group of men who had no training in music founded the band in 1983. John Moquin, Eugene McGrath, George Dillon are the founders of our bagpipe band. Their decision in 1983 to secure teachers and practices halls, where pipes and drums could be taught, is the foundation of our success today. Yes, some of our original members William Cunningham, Jack McNally, Robert Collins, Tom Gallery, Paul Moquin, Rich Doherty, Rich Shea, Kevin McGrath, Colin Smith, Patrick Collins and Patrick Rafferty are the bricks our founders built on. The founders however, supplied the mortar and muscle to establish us as terrific bagpipe band.

This year sees the birth of a young and vibrant group of new members. They are prepared to assume the role set by the example of the older members. Their dedication will continue the success we have enjoyed for almost three decades. If you like, then you know the best is yet to come.

"Lead-Follow-or Get Out of the Way" Is the Creed of the Sword of Light Pipe Band. Christopher Dowling, Pipe Major Emeritus- Joseph Baker, Field Marshall Kevin Connolly Instructor and Joseph Beyrer Instructor are the men that lead the instruction of our band. If you like, our band now then you love us in years to come.

Triumph and Adversity
If an organization lasts 29 years, it experiences a lot of challenges.We were unfortunate to suffer the loss of our Drum Major, James Peter Conway. Major Conway was guiding forced on and off the Avenue. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Major Conway guided the band through difficult times and performed with distinction. The attacks of September 11, 2001 were something none of us were preparded for. The Building Trades of New York City lost over fifty members at the World Trade Center. Seventeen of those were members of our parent organization. We lost friends that were near and dear to us. Our solo volalist, Mary Yolanda Dowling died in the World Trade Center helping to evacuate her co-workers. This loss is still felt by our members. Our memebers gave their time to provide some comfort to our member's families by attending any service the family members asked us to attend. The band also assisted to New York City's Emergency Service Departments and helped them with the task of providing comfort to their members. Please remember the sacrifices of all who the men and women who died that day. They are all American Heroes whether they perished in New York, Washington D.C., or in Pennsylvania.

Remember September 11, 2001
Remember our 17 Heroes

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